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NFC tags offer a convenient method for sharing information with clients or friends via NFC-enabled devices such as tags, cards, or key fobs. What's even better? They seamlessly function on both iOS and Android platforms.

At, we offer a streamlined user interface that simplifies reading, writing, formatting, encrypting, locking, and password-protecting NFC tags. Whatever your NFC requirements may be, we've got you covered!

Our platform supports a wide array of message types, including business cards, social media profiles, Wi-Fi passwords, and much more. Share information effortlessly across iOS and Android platforms, independent of specific devices.

NFC Business Card

  • Embrace the digital age with NFC-powered business cards, bidding farewell to traditional paper cards.

Expand Your Online Presence

  • Effortlessly share your social media profiles, paving the way for increased followers and engagement in the digital realm.
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Effortless QR & Barcode Solutions for Your Business

QR codes have become ubiquitous in our surroundings, offering a swift means to transmit concise data through a smartphone camera. While their fundamental purpose often revolves around sharing website links, their versatility extends far beyond.

Indeed, QR codes can encode a plethora of information ranging from business cards and calendar events to Wi-Fi credentials and home automation commands.

Utilize QR codes to conveniently scan barcodes and swiftly access product prices while navigating store aisles. It's incredibly simple, just pick up an item, scan its barcode using, and effortlessly search for the product across various search engines.

QR Code Studio

  • Unleash your creativity with's QR Code Studio, where you can design unique QR codes like a true artist. Customize colors, shapes, and embellish with emojis or icons. Your imagination sets the boundaries.

Expand Your Business Reach

  • Leverage QR codes to effortlessly share valuable information with your clientele, including website links, calendar events, and social media profiles, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
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Digitize Your Life: Embrace Paperless with Document Scanning

Unlock the convenience of converting documents into searchable PDFs effortlessly with our state-of-the-art OCR functionality. Say farewell to tedious manual searches and reclaim valuable time with

Instant PDF Creation

  • Transform paper documents into PDFs in mere seconds. Shareable with ease among clients, family, and friends.

Advanced OCR Capabilities

  • Generate searchable PDFs indexed by your computer, ensuring swift access to crucial information whenever you need it."
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Elevate Your Design Projects with High Quality 3D Models empowers you to effortlessly capture detailed 3D models of objects and rooms with ease. Export these models seamlessly for 3D printing and various other applications.
*This feature is exclusively available on iPhone 12 Pro or newer models.

Powered by Photogrammetry Technology

  • employs sophisticated photogrammetry algorithms to intelligently process your scan data, crafting realistic 3D models of real-world objects.

Streamlined 3D Model Exportation

  • Effortlessly export your 3D models for diverse applications. supports exports to .stl, .obj, .ply, .abc, .usd, and .usdz formats."
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Optimize Workflows with Advanced Webhooks.

Unlock seamless integration with's Webhook feature, enabling you to securely transmit scanned NFC and QR data to your server for enhanced data management flexibility.

Streamlined Data Transfer

  • Effortlessly relay scanned data from NFC tags and QR codes directly to your server.

Boost Operational Efficiency

  • Automate processes and streamline workflows by seamlessly integrating scanned data with your server infrastructure.

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